Monday, 31 January 2011

Trial Fitting in Canterbury

Today we took the bus to Canterbury for a trial fitting in the High Street.  I am pleased to report that it was a perfect fit and that we have a green light to start operating there as early as the next half term.  Getting out wasn't quite so straightforward as our exit wasn't clear.  This meant performing a 3 (and a bit) point turn outside WH Smith whilst trying to avoid suicidal pedestrians.  Its at time like this that I yearn for power steering!

Following this visit, the bus returned to Dover Transport Museum after a six month absence, now looking very different.  I can't resist reprinting a picture of it when it left last August.

In the past week the new visual effects in the Air Raid Shelter have been completed and look amazing.  We can now produce images on the corrugated walls that are mysteriously projected from the rear - all very atmospheric!

Crosskeys have also expertly completed their list of mechanical jobs, which included a full service, replacing a leaking brake valve, persuading the troublesome indicators to work, fitting a reversing horn and coaxing the original speedo back into life.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

More Pictures

Despite the absence of any sunshine we had another stab at taking some photos of the newly finished bus.

Ed made a valiant effort to get into the cab, but it was Norman who took it for a test drive around Cheriton.  Despite the gloom we proved that the bus definitely turns heads and that the newly rewired original speedometer works well.  The newer, ugly tachograph unit was consigned to the bin!

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

VG Day

VG (Vinyl Graphics) Day was selected for today as the weather forecast looked good.  As it was, the sun struggled to appear for most of the morning and it was bitterly cold.  However it did put in a proper appearance by lunchtime.  George from Sign Graphics beavered away with his dad for hours applying the new graphics to the bus and did a first class job.  I hope you like them as much as I do.

Unfortunately by the time the job was complete the light was fading and the mechanics were keen to get the bus inside the workshop to carry out some outstanding mechanical repairs.  Just as soon as we can we will find an attractive location and some decent weather and undertake a proper photo shoot.  In the meantime the photos below will have to do.

As might be expected with a project this big there is a mistake with the graphics, which was spotted by Rebekah, my eagle eyed 7 year old daughter.  See if you can find it and post your answer in the comments box.

Saturday, 8 January 2011

Back To Folkestone

On a wet & gloomy day the bus was collected from South East Coachworks and driven back to Folkestone.  But first it needed some very expensive diesel.  Once a stray bolt was removed from underneath the throttle pedal, it drove very nicely.
Some finishing touches have already been added including smart new wheel trims, new headlamps and white tipped front wings to recreate wartime blackout conditions.  Back at Crosskeys the bus will now undergo a service and final mechanical preparations before it starts work in March.  The next Blog should show the bus with its new graphics and lettering applied.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

New Year, New Paint

At last we have seen the bus with its new coat of paint and are delighted with the colour and the quality of the finish.  It looks a bit bland at the moment but by the end of the week all the trim will be refitted and the wing tips painted white to recreate blackout conditions.

Next week the bus will return to Folkestone for a full service and to have new vinyl lettering and images added.