Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Beaver Green School Pupils Speak Out

Following a recent visit to Beaver Green School (our 2nd this year) some of the pupils sent through their thoughts on the day:

"It was really fun! The best bit was where we saw a real bomb but it didn’t blow up! I also liked it when the lady talked to us about rationing, they didn’t get much food!"

"I would like to go on it again! My favourite bit was the Anderson Shelter!"

"Everybody in our class loved the Home-Front bus, it was fantastic!"

"Suspense crawls all over you as you are waiting for your turn!"

"The people that showed us round were very kind!"

"The Anderson Shelter was super; I expect they really made you feel at home, once they had added their own touches!"

"It was so fun, I hope that they visit again!"

"I loved every part of it! It was amazing! I enjoyed travelling back in time!"

"The best bit about the bus was the shop!"

"It was interesting seeing the bomb! It made me jump when the man shouted 'Turn that light off!'”

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Good News for Smaller School Groups

Up to now it has not been cost effictive for Home Front Bus to visit schools with smaller groups.  We are pleased to announce however that we can now offer a single class size the opportunity to visit us either at The Battle of Britain Memorial or Dover Transport Museum .  This will allow a school to combine a visit to the bus with either the memorial or the musuem at a reduced cost to a full day visit of the bus to a school.

The first school to take advantage of this arrangement was Boughton-under-Blean Primary School who visited the bus today with a single class at the Battle of Britain Memorial and left the following comment in our Visitor Book:

"Having completed so many year 6 trips about WW2 I can hand on heart say that this has been the most enjoyable and informative by far. So much information in such a short space of time. Characters were very knowledgeable and friendly. History brought to life!"