Thursday, 28 February 2013

Two East Kent Schools

This week we were pleased to host two local schools.  Firstly 11 pupils from Highview School, Folkestone visited the bus at Dover Transport Museum and had a great time.  Home Front Bus struggles with some forms of modernity and this includes cars.  When my newer Euro Box car proved unreliable I was able to dig out my reliable 1972 Volvo to get to Dover, which also proved popular with some of the pupils.

The staff of Highview kindly left the following comment in our Visitor Book:

"Super visit - brought our classroom learning to life.  Sensory effects brilliant."

Our second visit was to St Mary's Catholic Primary School, Deal.  They opted for our Church Rations package for just one class of very enthusiastic and well informed Year 5 Students.  Their teacher kindly wrote the following in our Visitor Book:

"We had an absolutely fantastic time.  It really brought it to life for the children - and adults!  Thank you so much."

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